The Most Delicious (and Expensive) Cherries Ever

Amateur Gourmet here to tell you about some yummy (though mighty price-y) cherries. I was in Whole Foods yesterday (people, I live on top of a Whole Foods—it’s difficult to avoid it) and they had a giant bowl of yellow/red cherries out. I’d never seen a yellow/red cherry so I took one and ate it. It was delicious. The sign said Rainier cherries. I said: “Sold!”

However, at the register, the woman scanned my sushi which rang up as $4.99, my drink which rang up as $0.99, and then the cherries. My small bag rang up as $7.55.

“Woman!” I said. “Are you crazy! That is way too expensive for cherries!”

I sadly told her to put them aside–that was way too much money.

But tonight I had a craving: a craving for Rainier cherries. It was dusk and the wolves were howling. I ran outside, grabbed $7.55 from a small child with a piggy bank, and burst into Whole Foods ready for the cherries. There they were. There I was. I grabbed a bag, proceeded to the cashier, who scanned them and said: “Sir, these cherries cost $7.55, are you sure you still want them?”

I laughed and said yes. The small child with the piggy bank cried.

I ran home and poured the cherries into a bowl (after rinsing them):


Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve been eating them all night. I have a giant bowl of pits next to me. Even the pits look good. These are some tasty cherries. Now back to my studies—which, by the way, officially end a week from yesterday when I finally (thank God!) finish the bar. I’ll be back a week from today ready to blog into oblivion! Life will become a bowl of fill in the obvious blank. Ciao!

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