Saving Wives [by Katy]

For three weeks, Josh and Katy blogsit.

On Days of Our Lives, husbands are ALWAYS saving their wives’ lives. For example, in a recent story line, Jack has saved his wife Jennifer’s life by pulling her from the edge of a cliff: a literal cliffhanger, if you will. She was especially heavy, too, being nine months pregnant with their second child and all.

It’s been a difficult pregnancy — plus Jennifer thought Jack was dead until, oh, I don’t know, very recently — so emotions were understandably running high:


It was gripping!

Here in Augusta, Georgia we have a restaurant chain for people like Jack. It’s called Wife Saver’s Chicken and Seafood. See?


The thing I don’t get is this. Soap operas aren’t real, or so Josh tells me everyday. So who eats at Wife Saver? Who is the wife being saved? I don’t get it.

— katy

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