Above Average Desserts [by Katy]

[For three weeks, Josh and Katy blogsit]

In the spirit of idleness, my sister Maggie and I took an online IQ test yesterday. It turns out — and I don’t mean to brag — that I am THREE POINTS smarter than my sister. Yippee!

However, we were both shocked to discover that neither one of us is technically in the category of “Genius.” This flies in the face everything we we hold to be true about ourselves. Namely, that as siblings, we are smarter than everybody else alive.

I do know this, however. When it comes to the gentle art of throwing birthday parties, genius is not too strong of a word to use. After a riotous good time at Eclipse di Luna, I invited everyone back to our house for birthday dessert.


Dessert included…

My GENIUS four-berry pie with a flaky lemon pastry crust. Blackberries! Blueberries! Strawberries! Raspberries! I cut out a flower shape out of the top crust! Genius! Well, it did start to look a bit messy once it was cut, but who cares?


My Josh is a pie man through and through. That boy sure loves pie. He would pick pie over any other dessert any day of the week. I, on the other hand, am at heart a cookie girl, especially a bar cookie girl. I never even made a pie until I hooked up with Josh, and the notion that somebody might choose a fruit dessert over a chocolate one still baffles me. (Who’s with me?)


To appease other cookie girls present, I made my GENIUS brown-sugar chocolate chip bars, too. These came from the Marcel Desaulniers cookie cookbook, and are really just excessive and delicious:


Some have commented that when I cut the bars, I cut them somewhat crookedly. What can I say? All that sangria.

Finally, many attending seemed to enjoy the previously-mentioned party favors above all else:


Those must have been the Nerd People.


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