Waitress Row Your Ass Ashore: Lunch at Canoe

Good help is so hard to find.


Our waitress was missing for 90% of our meal today at Canoe, an otherwise adorable Atlanta restaurant on Paces Ferry.

I mean check it out:


Beautiful, right?

Canoe is located on the Chattahoochee River. On a completely unrelated note, there were girls in high school we called chattahoochees (or hoochie mamas) because they wore midrifts with bellybuttons popping out, hoop earrings, and gold necklaces with their names on them. In other words, I went to high school with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here is our lovely view of the bridge:


Looks like something out of Fried Green Tomatoes. Except in that movie, the service was amicable and alert—who cares if they serve you human ribs as long as they serve you?

Our waitress wasn’t a bad person. She was just aloof. Majorly aloof. We ordered drinks. She didn’t bring them. We asked for bread. She gave it to the next table. People sat down thirty minutes after us and were on their entrees before we got our appetizers. Our waitress sucked.

But the food was pretty good. We had been there once before and the food was better. That time was Sunday brunch and I really enjoyed their brunch food.

Today I started with the aloof waitress’s recommendation of chilled artichoke soup:


A nice presentation, sure. That’s basil in there. The soup was light and refreshing but not my favorite.

My dad definitely picked the winner. A smoked salmon appetizer that mom and I finnagled dad for a taste of:


It was fantastic. The best part of the meal, and I only had a small taste.

Mom’s onion soup is not pictured because I deemed it unimpressive.

As for entrees I had the crab cake salad:


This was a disappointment. The inside of the crabcake was overly mayonaissey and mostly flavorless. The citrus salad dressing left me unenthused.

Mom had a tuna salad that I also didn’t care for:


Dad, yet again, picked the best—a rock shrimp salad:


Everything was fried, true. But it looked the most interesting and tasty. I picked off his plate.

Here’s mom and dad with the lovely background:


I would tell you how the meal ended, but we’re still here. The waitress hasn’t brought the check. Any day now.

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