Fried Brain a la PMBR

In case I seem a little blotchy this week that’s because my brain is going through a perverse obstacle course known as the PMBR. For those late to my career/life narrative: I just graduated law school, and now I’m studying for the New York bar. After that I’m off to NYU for the Tisch School of Dramatic Writing (unless Juilliard turns out, but that’s highly unlikely). Passing the bar is important because if I don’t do that now, I certainly won’t do it later: once the law knowledge evaporates from this brain, there’s no getting it back. And a law degree is pretty useless without a license.

Anyway, the main way a law graduate studies for the bar–practically, the only way–is to take the BarBri course. BarBri is to the bar exam what Kaplan or Princeton is to the SAT. Except it’s basically a monopoly. Almost anyone who wants to pass the bar takes BarBri.

PMBR is a pre-BarBri Multistate supplement course that revs you up for the fun BarBri courses that follow (starting next Wednesday). Except, unlike BarBri (which entails a 3 hour video in the morning and self-motivated study in the afternoon), PMBR is 6 days (starting yesterday) of intense full day courses on fun topics like TORTS, CONTRACTS, and PROPERTY. The morning starts out with a brisk two-hour test which everyone fails because they haven’t studied this stuff since first year. Then, in the afternoon, a lecturer on a combination of speed and Red Bull FLIES through a semester’s worth of material in 3.5 hours. Your brain begins to feel like Courtney Love on a BAD night. (Courtney Love on a good night is bad enough). Then you drive home in a daze and attempt to come up with material for your food website. Instead, you watch your “Freaks and Geeks” DVD box set. Then you write about carbs. Please, again, forgive my brain this week.

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