The Amateur Gourmet Challenge

I thought of this fun idea today while I was driving.

Some dishes are very hard to make. For example: lobster souffle. That would be very hard to make. [Jeffrey Steingarten wrote about it Vogue a couple of months ago.]

In any case, here’s the idea:


If you choose to challenge the Amateur Gourmet, you will do the following:

(1) In the comments section for this thread, you will post a recipe challenge.

(2) Simply call out the recipe by saying: “I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE BRIOCHE!”

(3) You must have an actual recipe handy to follow-up on your challenge.

So if several people challenge me, I will choose the challenge I like best and then that challenger will provide me with the recipe.

If I succeed in preparing the item (meaning, I don’t burn it, tear it, or otherwise ruin it) I can CHALLENGE YOU BACK. You will either accept this challenge or FORFEIT in which case I will be the winner. If you accept the challenge, I will provide you with a recipe and you will have to document your travails. If you succeed, you are the winner. If you fail, I am the winner.

So, in summation: Step forward all ye who would dare challenge the mighty culinary hand of the Amateur Gourmet! I laugh at your patheticness! Who among you thinks thou art better than me, chump? Bring it on!

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