Gelato at Paolo’s

I don’t really get gelato. I know it’s sophisticated ice cream, but I still prefer ice cream. [Especially at Jake’s, where I’ll take you soon. It’s in my Atlanta Top Ten.]

In any case, Lauren and I had pizza tonight–(JEWS: ACT NOW! LAST CHANCE FOR LEAVENED BREAD!)–and since I had my camera in my pocket and since there was a gelato place across the street, I said: “Let’s go!”

The place in question is Paolo’s:


Apparently, it’s the best gelato in Atlanta (it says so on the outside). It’s at the intersection of Virginia and Highland which puts it literally in the heart of the Virginia Highlands.

Walking in the door, people were lined up. Knickknacks adorned the shelves. A TV screen showed a live image of the people in line with a sign that said: “Live on the Internet!” [I tried to find it just now online, but couldn’t.]

Today there was an interesting gelato selection:


Most interesting was avocado gelato. Lauren and I asked for a sample and we were surprised that it was good. Smooth and creamy, it was one part face mask to two parts delicious.

We went with a small cup of stracciatella; the Italian version of cookies and cream.


Very good, very yummy. As good as ice cream? Well, no. But good. And yummy. The End.

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