Feed Me Seymour: Starter, Day 4

Today I had to feed my starter. It was a gross experience.

First, I prepared the flour and water that I would add:


Then I opened the lid. Feh! That thing smelled nast-ay!


Nancy was all like: “Ok, feed the starter. Dump in the flour. Dump in the water. Stir with a rubber spatula.”

Check. Check. Check.

“Now stick your hand in and swirl around the bag of grapes.”

Say wha!

Friends, believe me when I tell you that my hand has never smelled worse. My hand has never been angrier. We are not speaking. (There goes my social life!)

And, I’m not sure if this is bad, but the end result of all this was something very liquidy. Why is it so liquidy?


At least days 5 through 9 require only that I look at it. Thank God! Today’s starter work was harrowing.

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