Public Apology: Marshmallow Chronology

It came to my attention last night, by way of site reader Seth, that my Marshmallow film: “How To Make Marshmallows In Reverse!” has a serious flaw. The film, as most of you know, plays backwards: beginning with the eating of marshmallows and ending with the preparing of the pan. Well, that is until at the very end you see me holding up a reassembled torn-up piece of paper that says: “THE END.” That’s where Seth (and other readers, perhaps) have a problem: if the film is told backwards, this should be the beginning! “The End” should come at the start!

I shall now publicly acknowledge that this is indeed an oversight. For those of you who were troubled by this inconsistency, I apologize. If it’s any consolation, at the end of “Memento” they play the credits. Think about it.

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